Tuesday, April 05, 2005

How to create build scripts for projects

Here is an article from Mike Roberts on how to set up the build scripts for .NET development project. I have had the pleasure to play with .NET 2.0 on my current project, and building the build scripts around .NET 2.0 and MSBuild I can definitely say it is not exactly fun.

For CruiseControl.NET to display compile errors from executing "msbuild project.sln", an XmlLogger has to be written and supplied to the command line. The code for the XmlLogger no longer works when I updated my Whidbey from Dec CTP to Feb CTP, which updated .NET Framework to build 50110, and therefore had to be re-written.

After that seems everything resumes normal... at least I am able to show compilation and nunit errors on my CCNet page.

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