Friday, September 26, 2008

Go to Ruby ! and ? method definition with TextMate CTags

If you are not yet using the TextMate CTags bundle in your Ruby/Rails development, you are missing out big time. This bundle allows you to go to a method definition as easy as pointing your cursor at the method and hit a keyboard shortcut. It has served me well and I highly recommend it.

But soon you might realize that this "go to definition" shortcut only works most of the time. Specifically, whenever you try to go to the definition of a Ruby method that ends with a bang (!) or question-mark (?), CTags will fail open to the line that defines that method for you.

Here's a fix for you. The perl script that got executed underneath this little utility actually uses a TextMate variable TM_CURRENT_WORD. This variable points at the "word" your cursor is currently laying on top of in TextMate. But since by default, TextMate does not consider ! or ? to be part of a word, your CTags fails on you. All you need to do, is go to Preferences / Text Editing, and change Word Characters to include ! and ?.


karmen said...

I use RubyAmp ( for this sort of thing and it works great. It picks up methods with ? and !

Jay Mitchell said...

More posts plz!!!!