Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stop tangling those iPod earbuds!

You have an iPod? If you ever use their white trademarked earbuds, chances are every time you pull them out of your pockets you spend 40 seconds of your life untangling those stupid wire. It adds up.

Ever notice there is a little sliding thing at the Y-split of your earbuds on the wire? I assume it is used to reduce the split between the two ear pieces when you are wearing them. If they are for that purpose I have never used them. But I did find a better use of it...

Next time when you are done using them, slide that thing all the way to the ear pieces. This will make your Y-splitted earbuds into essentially one straight wire, and thus reduce a lot of unnecessary tangling. Hopefully this saves you some annoying faces in untangling the thing (maybe that's why those Apple billboards have no face on them...)

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