Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The most revolutionary usernames and passwords, ever

Haven't you written the authentication piece for your app? Isn't it annoying after it is implemented in your app, every time you try to access your app's functionality during development, you have to start logging in every time by typing in some dev-only user id with a fake password? Having a good set of tests helps alot in terms of not having to go through the app starting from login while new features are still undergoing development, but there are still many cases where you have to debug something starting from the first login page of your application.

Over time, I have developed one way to mitigate this nuisance, by creating a few dev usernames and passwords of the following pattern:

+ dave
+ fred
+ cat
+ red

+ create
+ database
+ case
+ ware
+ vase
+ card
+ garbage
+ beta

Now the question is, what is the pattern? Answer me in 10 seconds...

That's right, I can finish typing all of them with my left hand, while my right hand still holding my mouse and not have to switch from my mouse to my keyboard to type the password, then my mouse to hit the 'Login' button.

Did you get the pattern in 10 seconds?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very revolutionary indeed! But you've left out the other "half" of the population - lefties!
For those left-hand-mouse'rs, how about "ping", "pong", "punk", "hook", "you", "lol", "king", "jill", "john"...?