Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Connecting a Pocket PC emulator to host internet in Whidbey

This tip is for developing environment which has Whidbey Beta 2. I do not know if it will work (probably won't) on a Virtual PC environment.

If you are trying to connect your Pocket PC emulator to the internet because you are developing/deploying perhaps a web service on your host system, and you want your emulator to be able to consume it in your debugging, here is a few things in sequence I have tried to get it to work:

- Restart your computer. Yes.
- Open your .sln by double-clicking it in your Explorer, not by opening your Whidbey and then selecting it from your File/"Recent Projects". Apparently there is a funky difference.
- Run F5 to bring up the emulator.
- It will probably tell you "Cannot connect to device", but that's okay.
- In Whidbey, go to Tools/"Device Emulator Manager", set your emulating device to Cradle.
- Reset the state of your emulator.
- Close down the emulator.
- Run F5 again to bring it back up.
- In your emulator Connections/Advanced/"Select Networks", select "My Work Network" in the first droplist for programs that need access to the internet.
- Go to its Edit/"Proxy Settings", uncheck the box "This network connects to the internet". Notice this box will automatically be checked again by the emulator once it can connect to the internet.
- And finally, verify that you have turned your firewall software off.

This would work in the emulator IE whether you type "http://localhost/MyService.asmx" or "http://localhost/MyService.asmx". If I were you, I would see if I could even connect to Google first in your emulator IE before testing the web service.

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